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Monday, February 6, 2017

Use Of Internal Linking In SEO

Getting links from other websites pointing towards your website Is a very difficult task but there are some links that you have complete control.

Determining how you link the pages on your own website is also very important for search engines. Internal Linking helps search engines to understand the hierarchy and structure of your website.


Navigations links are the links that are present at the top, side or bottom of your web page. These links are present on every page of your website, guiding people and helping them around to find what exactly they are looking on your website.

These navigation links also help search engines to understand the hierarchy of your website starting from the home page to every single page on your website, studying your site’s content and structure.


These are the links that are present within the content of your web page that points to some other page of your website. These links help users find relevant information about the topic they are searching for.

Contextual links are also very helpful for search engines. The anchor text of an internal link helps the search engine understand the content of the page that the link is pointing to. Internal links also help search engines understand the importance of a web page by quantity of the links pointing to that particular web page.

So, when you are building your website, design your navigation links properly to use them on all the pages of your website and when you are writing content, take full advantage of using contextual links by using appropriate anchor text.

These will help search engines and users to better understand your website.

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